It started in Paris. Before launching MVW, I had already exhibited my Fine Art photographs of romantic scenes of the City of Light. On location in Paris a few years ago, I wanted to recreate vintage style sepia and black and white photos of Paris, inspired by the work of post war photojournalist Robert Doisneau’s “Le Baiser de l’Hotel de Ville, Paris, 1950″

Photographer ~ Robert Doisneau

For my work, I wanted to attempt to create the setting for the meeting of lovers, or perhaps the view they shared whilst walking the city. The idea is that then the viewer of the photo, can somehow be part of the story of the scene created. Here is my “Meeting by the Lamp”, below ~

Meeting by the Lamp

This collection of photos in part inspires Modern Vintage Weddings, where I try and fuse modern photography techniques with classic, timeless styles. The next location in the series is London. The collection launches in 2012. Dave x