Today I’ve been thinking about black and white photography. I love the timeless feel and atmosphere that black and white images suggest, the classic simpleness of an image which perhaps were it in colour, might not have the same impact, or power to move the viewers emotions. It can zero in your attention to a look, like Tim’s on seeing his lovely bride Hannah for the first time on their wedding day ~

I also like the simple chic that black and white can give an image. In this recent bridal shoot, the image seems to just work in black and white.


Surrey Vintage Wedding Photography

Now, I don’t think black and white photography suits my taste or style for a whole wedding- there is something magical about capturing the atmosphere through colour, and the greater depth that colour gives. It is just that, for some moments, like the look that Chris gives Emma during their ceremony (see their wedding here) ~

Or Joyce caught unaware to give a beautiful portrait during her and Ben’s drinks reception (see their wedding here), black and white works. In these photos, what I love about black and white is shown so well- you notice straight away what is important about the moment- the emotion, the expression, the moment captured.

I am a big fan of colour and this is why I shoot and edit in colour- most of us see in colour and for pure atmosphere nothing beats it. But for a certain few photos, the timelessness of black and white is perfect. Dave x

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