When I heard how PJ proposed to Eleanor I couldn’t believe it…  but when I learnt more about them it all made sense. They met whilst both working at Wimbledon and share a huge passion for Tennis. On Eleanor’s 30th birthday, they were playing tennis at their local club, when Eleanor noticed a ball had something written on it when it landed at her feet… of course it was asking if she would marry PJ, and was swiftly followed by another ball with a ring! Amazing. Naturally, their wedding would reflect their shared passion for the game and also a more romantic side to them both with lots of vintage touches. This served as a unique backdrop to their celebrations, which were pretty awesome- Highlights included PJ’s groomsmen serenading the happy couple, PJ punching the air when Eleanor arrived by his side (Winning) and also a trad scottish dancing lesson which pretty much the whole wedding party danced along with. I think the most memorable element of their special day was how relaxed they were, treating the whole day as a celebration of their love for each other and a big party.. Such an awesome unforgettable day for two amazing people. David



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