What inspires me and my style? I thought I’d share some of the things that I turn to when looking for ideas or maybe just to fire my creative thinking. I’ve read a lot of books on the inner artist and releasing the muse, although with photography I usually find that films and paintings are for me the best way to approach composing the perfect photograph. One painter that I admire greatly, for his sense of nostalgia and romance, is Jack Vettriano.

File:Vettriano, Singing Butler.jpg
The Singing Butler by Jack Vettriano

Looking at the image above I think it is the sense of occasion that really gets me. The carefree abandonment that he’s depicted, as the couple dance away.. it’s the spirit of the painting that I connect with. Capturing the spirit, whether its fun or romantic or otherwise, is what I always aim for. I recently shot a Great Gatsby inspired bride and groom photoshoot at Nonsuch Mansion. My approach to this shoot was to take natural reportage photos of the models mostly, but for the love shoot element, I took inspiration from the 1974 movie version. One of the scenes had this shot of Gatsby looking at Daisy, with his reflection showing in the mirror. I love this double view we have of the two.


1974 The Great Gatsby ~ Paramount Pictures
My attempt ~ Full shoot coming soon

I think that you can find inspiration wherever and whenever it strikes- it could be something that directly inspires you to attempt to recreate your idea or version of what you have found, like I have above, or indirectly when you see something evocative  which stirs something inside you. Dave x

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