In what must be the coldest start of a year in my living memory, I’ve been out and about, trying new things, messing about with new cameras. I’ve also shot new images for folk/ blues singer Brooke Sharkey. Brooke’s beautiful ballads can be heard most nights at quirky venues across London and I think she has big things in store for her. Here is Brooke and her band, shot in January at Jamboree. The full shoot can be seen on my personal work website here~ Brooke Sharkey at Jamboree

Jamboree Limehouse

A family friend has donated to me a set of glass plate negatives, all shot in and around the beautiful seaside town of Clovelly in North Devon. I’ve managed to get one of the negatives developed, and the image below shows that some Victorians/ Edwardians knew how to relax! Unlike most stuffy portraits from the time, this informal image shows maybe a group of friends or family after what looks like a tea and cake picnic.. I’ll be getting all the images developed and will try and discover more about the background behind who took these photographs, and who is in them!

Victorian Picnic

One of my favourite cameras is a mint green Diana F lomography camera. Here are a few shots from it- These cameras (more info here) are so much fun- you really dont know what you will get back from the printers.

Finally, these two panoramas are taken with the new iPhone 5, and edited using the VSCO cam app. I have experimented with the Visual Supply Company’s beautiful film emulations in Lightroom, in editing, and their app is easy to use and gives a gorgeous tone to these landscapes.

The wedding season kicks off in a couple of weeks for me, and I cant wait. First up is a central London wedding, with reception in Hoxton.. should be a great day. Dave x

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