It’s no secret that I love the 1920s. The sense of optimism, style and energy.. and most of all the period’s love a good party. When the lovely Lucy & Araz and got in touch with their plans, I was all over it like a charleston on a champagne covered dancefloor if that makes any sense whatsover. The location for their celebrations was Ashridge House, a neo-gothic masterpiece that can be described as either Bruce Wayne’s mansion in Gotham or Hogwarts, and it was the perfect backdrop for them as friends and family gathered to celebrate. Lucy & Araz share a love of the 20’s, and in particular the speak easys of the prohibition that popped up in New York during the time. So it was all feather head dresses, peacock feathers and parlour games for their guests, as they partied hard a la Gatsby and the gang. Thank you guys for having me and Mark along, it was one of those memorable days I’ll never forget. David

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Lucy Pourkashanaian
June 6, 2015
Just looked through all these again and love them so much! Had such an amazing day and you captured it absolutely perfectly! Thank you again SO much! Xx
June 7, 2015
It was my pleasure! Thanks for having me!