Seeing photos in print, on a page you can hold is better than seeing it on a screen. Fact. I suggest to all my couples that they get their work printed in some form, even if it’s not by me. I do offer a Storybook style coffeetable album, prints and canvases too but I never hard sell them, that’s not me. But, just get them printed. From our parents generation, you would find boxes of prints, polaroids or photos placed within an album with those little sticky corners. You could look through them without having to turn your pc on. What’s different today is that as a digital photographer, I deliver images on USB sticks- and at around 700+ for a 12 hour day- that’s 10 times as many as your parents photo album. So maybe you won’t get them all printed- but do get your favourites printed- Looking through 700 photos on a screen is fun, but not as fun as passing around, sharing actual photographs.

As a photographer, I try my best to tell the story of a wedding day, unique to you. Sure I like the details- a beautiful dress, decorated venue.. these are the setting, the stage, an expression of a couple’s tastes and likes. But along with these details, and perhaps even more so.. the most important thing has to be story of events as they unfold. That moment, fleeting but real and then forever gone. But, it’s been captured in a photograph. Putting these moments together to form the ebb and flow of the day, with your favourite photos- this becomes your own, personal book. Flicking through the pages of your book, of your story, is unbeatable.

If my couple chooses to order one of my Storybooks, they never regret it. It’s a modern alternative to a traditional wedding album, and designed to be handled. Not left on a shelf, too precious to touch. But hey, there are places you should get one made, so there’s no excuse not to get one done.

I’m just waiting for my new sample album to come back from my printers. Cheryl & Brooke’s wedding will feature- it was my first time in Barcelona, a city they both love- so was special for me, too. Here are 8 of the 30 double page spreads that will feature. The Storybooks are 30x30cm, with layflat pages. I’ll be doing a post with lots of photos soon, as well as images of the smaller duplicates that I offer when a main Storybook album is purchased. So get your wedding photos printed, you won’t regret it. Dave x




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